Reverse Engineering a Character

I came across the term “reverse engineering” when reading a story about the development of the “Breaking Bad” spinoff, “Better Call Saul.” The term was used to d…

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9 thoughts on “Reverse Engineering a Character

    1. It’s actually a blog by CG Blake. I clicked”Press this” and it showed up on my And none of my posts show up. And when people click on my name it takes them to my I sure struggle with the technical end of blogging. CG Blake’s post is great, though, and I’ve used it in my fiction writing.


  1. Heather, can I email you picture of my Garland stove with pink knobs. I saw your blog back in Feb. and tried to send picture on the but didn’t work. Thanks, Sherry


  2. Reverse “engineering” is one way to write school curriculum. Set the end goal, and then create the units of study to get the students to that goal. Backward planning. It works (I’ve used it in the past when planning out my academic year calendar). and still allows you to discover things along the way that you might have not thought of/planned from the get go.

    Theater-wise (I’m a Theater teacher), we always look at backstory when prepping a character. Interesting article.

    Tale Spinning


    1. Hi Stu. Thank you for sharing additional ways to utilize this concept. There are a lot of similarities between theater and writing when looking at a character and his or her motivations. Dropping bread crumbs along the way to make the end result make sense, while not giving away the story ahead of time can be achieved more easily with reverse engineering. Have a great day!

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      1. Heather, yeah, I have always found my improvisation background a huge help in my writing. I like the character and world building. It’s all about committing to the tale being told. Hope you’re also enjoying the day and this AtoZ thingy.


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